axel schultheiss
guitarist.   musician.   composer.
It was at the age of fifteen when Axel Schultheiss was first fascinated by the sounds of the guitar. His first solo record „Guitaristic Paintings“ was released in 1985. In the years to come he starts to combine the acoustic guitar with delays, loops and other electronic effects-processors which leads to the albums „Free Mind“ (2000) and „Departure“ (2002) – highly individual music without stylistic borders. In 2007 the puristic solo guitar album „The Uplift“ is released – music with percussive grooves, experimental soundscpapes and melodious ballads. A new chapter is written in 2009 with the release of the album „On Wings“. With it's trance-like and athmospheric compositions it reached a Top Ten Position soon after being released. The book „Kreative Wege“ (Creative Ways) ist released in 2012. With it’s inspiring t exts, exercises, and inspirations regarding ways of expanding the potentials of the acoustic guitar it is a new approach beyond known guitar books. Axel Schultheiss has developed his own musical language which enthuses crtitics and audiences. He plays concerts, leads workshops, writes books and has released several albums worldwide. His music is also used in films and on TV.
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